Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Weekend Continues

"You don’t remember, do you”?

He asked, when he was finally able to pull it together. An odd mixture of pity and mischief in his voice. I continued staring blankly, as he pulled up a chair, and sat next to me.

“Chantelle, I’m going to show you a photo, maybe that will help your memory”, he said, as he handed me his phone. I dropped it in shock. Not quite sure what was worse; the fact that he just called me Chantelle (this is not my name), or that the bikini- clad girl in the photo was actually me! Looking zoned out, with a foolish smile on my face.

I gripped my chest in panic, nursing a mini heart attack as the memory of my misdemeanour flooded back.

ASUU had gone on one of their strikes, and rather than go home to dull myself, I had gone to visit my friend, Voke, in Ekpoma.

Now, I feel the need to mention here that I was a 200 Level student who had never been involved in any kind of nighttime activity. Why? My School was buried neck-deep in Obscurity, where the closest I had come to a party was a Keggite display consisting of palm wine,drums and gyration music. Yes, it was a real University, and No, I’m not lying.

All dreams of University life were slapped to reality when I saw the sign as I arrived at what was called the main gate, but was really some rusted barbed wire hanging off a broken fence. My first thought was  …….!!!!!!

I woke up daily to a sea of black and white in my Mono-Legal Faculty, and cursed my luck for ending up there in the name of Education.The major pre-occupation was Fellowship and "Kparakpor". Local Hotels provided us the odd entertainment on random nights when we treated ourselves to various versions of Fried Rice and Chicken….

So…when Voke mentioned that we’d be going out with her friends to a poolside party, I smiled to myself and I mentally thanked God I had brought a bikini.

I turned up wearing a small dress, and was immediately ushered towards a table pouring with all kinds of alcohol. I had never had alcohol so I declined, plus I was hungry so when the waitress passed by, I had two bowls of peppersoup sharply, then settled to enjoy the parry.

Contrary to my wild imaginations, this party wasn’t rocking at all.The poeple seemed oddly subdued and reserved.I asked Voke if this was the way it went all night, and she laughed, saying, ”Party neva start, when e start dem no go tell you”.

Good music was wasting and since I couldn’t dance alone, I got up and took a small stroll around the parry, forming activity and subtle notice me. Some goggled geek approached me and started yarning dusty dust about love at first sight.


I was still cursing under my breath when it happened.I heard it LOUD and clear in my head…like a distant church bell…


I looked up sharply but it appeared only I had heard it….

Errrm .... what jus happened?

To be continued.


Samar Rhymes said...

More suspense.... Aaaaaarrrrggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Finish it ohhhh!!! Onome, now I have to wait again to get the rest of heart attack.

Anonymous said...

Onome which kind haf haf story b dis? Pls stop puttin me in suspense abeg. Guess I av to wait till wen u r ready but it aint fair o.


kclaud said...

So what Happened naaaaaaaaaa......., we should wait for how long nau? Take a gud luk arit na, izi fair?

e4ma danj said...

Arrrrgggghhhhhhh stop dis babe. U can't leave me in such suspence again!!! Finish dis lovely piece plsssss xxx

Dj Lambo said...

Onome,I'm not even interested in how the story ends..I just love your expressions..its like I'm right there in your living room and we r gisting.."Yes it was a real university. No,I'm not lying" "....slapped into I arrived at what was called the main gate..."
I have to say that with the right amount of humor,u have once again NAILED it brilliantly, good job!

KingFather said...

Pam! I will ... U! C'mon finish ds thing now

Anonymous said...

Nice write up,so real n rich in humour. Abeg wetin come happen nxt o jare?

Anonymous said...

Nice write up,so real n rich in humour. Abeg wetin cm happen nxt o jare? So mch suspense. Funmi

tope A said...

See everybody wanting awoof story!!!lolz Pam abeg e be like say u go compile am into novel ooo den ild be ur marketing manager ofcourse*winks* thumbs up.

Onome Pamela said...

Hehehe...Thanks for your comments on and off here.Luv Y'all...

Lulu said...

Nice use of suspence. But... Finish it already! :)

Anonymous said...

I love this master suspense storyteller. I was both at Abraka and Ekpoma, your story telling brings memories rushing.

Anonymous said...

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